Is your budget out of control? Are creditors hounding you daily? Does everything you make seem to disappear as soon as you get paid? Do you have collection lawsuits pending? With Landy Law Office by your side, there is a way out of your financial nightmare!

Filing bankruptcy is sometimes a difficult decision to make, especially when the only thing you have ever been told about such a thing is entirely negative. This misinformation originates with the very creditors that will be discharged once your case is completed.

These creditors obviously have an incentive to lead you to believe that filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will cause you irreparable harm. But the truth is quite the opposite. Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will put you in the perfect position to regain your financial standing by getting rid of all your unsecured creditors once and for all.

These debts (like credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans) are discharged completely, and you will never have to deal with nasty phone calls, rude collectors, or threats of lawsuits. This fresh start with a clean slate is one choice available to get you out of your financial dilemma.

In addition to knocking out all of your unsecured debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will put an end to any wage garnishment you might have, or a bank levy against your accounts, or strip off a judicial lien that had been placed on your assets. This in turn reduces the amount of stress you have been trying to handle tremendously. And once the case is filed, you can start right away to rebuild your credit rating.

Of course, there may be other options to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. At your free initial consultation (click to schedule), other options will be discussed and may be more fitting to your individual circumstances.

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